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Welcome to 2018!  We wish you the best in health. Natural Health classes now available 1 day per month. Personal tutoring. Learn like the experts in the field of natural health. Call for details (310) 373-2250.

      What's on My Food?
      (pesticides, herbicides, etc.)             
We all want to know about the food we eat. To get more information please visit: There you will find lots of insight and helpful information. The importance of good nutrition cannot be overstated. Many people believe they are eating a healthy diet and they're not. Find out what's on your food today. As a consumer you have the right to know. 
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Chronic Fatigue
Fatigue has become a major problem and there are actually about 30 different forms of fatigue including, low blood sugar, adrenal gland imbalance, thyroid insufficiencies, other glandular malfunction, anemia, allergies, anxiety-fatigue, low-grade viral infections,to name a few. Using caffeine to solve this problem is not the answer. Check out this article listed below to find safe alternatives to caffeine. Of course you want to find the solution to solve your health problem.

Signs of Dehydration

. Constipation
. Dizziness when standing
. Headaches
. Low Blood Pressure
. Dry Mouth

Remember adequate hydration is very important. Nothing other than pure water can hydrate your cells. Sodas, coffee, tea and juice are not adequate substitutes for hydration. Water may help alleviate symptoms such as skin eruptions, achy muscles, and fatigue. For those who don't like drinking water try to at least sip on water throughout the day. If you don't have any allergies to lemon or lime, consider adding a small amount of either juice to your water for flavor.