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Are you in need of a Chiropractic adjustment?
Chiropractic medicine has been increasing over the last several years. It has been used effectively for back and neck pain as well as other non-musculoskeletal applications.
It appears to be gaining traction among people who are in the field of alternative and complementary medicine. There are many studies in progress to evaluate the use of chiropractic care in cases of chronic pain management, ADHD, high blood pressure and other ailments. It can be used as an adjunct to traditional healthcare to improve overall results. 
Adrenal Health and You
The adrenal glands are small walnut-shaped glands that are on the top of the kidneys. They produce many hormones such as cortisol, DHEA, epinephrine (adrenalin), norephinephrine (nor-adrenalin), aldosterone, and others. The adrenal glands also regulate stress hormones. If you are under constant stress your adrenal glands may become fatigued causing a number of noticeble symptoms. Be sure to learn how to manage your stress and get plenty of restful sleep to help keep these important glands balanced. You may also consider B vitamins and adding plenty of nuts and seeds which may help keep the adrenal glands nourished.
Low functioning adrenals (hypo-function) can lead to bouts of low energy, tiredness, feeling lazy and even depression. Excessive adrenal activity can lead to nervousness, panic attacks, inability to handle pain, and insomnia.
Staying Active for Better Health
We've all heard that exercise is good for us, but how many of us take it to heart. Studies show that exercise helps improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, improves energy levels, improves oxygen saturation, helps shead unwanted calories, helps lower insulin, and helps insomnia in some cases.
There are many good exercises in which the whole family can participate such as: skating, swimming, bike riding, hiking, and of course a daily walk.  Many illnesses begin in the childhood and adolescence stage. It is important for the younger generation to embrace exercise as a way of life!
Podcast Presentation
coming in April 2012
The health benefits of blueberries.
Health Nugget: Here are some tips on steaming vegetables to retain nutrients.
asparagus  5 min.                broccoli   5 min.                   chard    1-2  min.
eggplant     5 min.                corn (kernels)  3 min.           kale      1-2  min.
spinach      1-2 min.             zucchini  3 min.                   potatoes 1/2"   10 min.  
enjoy your vegetables!           
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